Love the pad. Not only can I use it on my body but I can also use it to charge my other crystals. Over 8 years ago a rose quartz called me, from a shelf at Target, and I'd been into crystals/gemstones ever since. They are alive and very powerful. It's easy to charge the pad for body usage and to activate other crystals. This is the power of the pad, words and intentions. The pad itself has multiple small crystals. It has a Velcro band that stretches to fit various body parts. I sometimes wear it overnight with no issues at all. Love the product. Love Mujin's thoughtful pricing. Love Mujin's mission. Thank you, Mujin. Thank you for your endless energy healing work. Thank you for your humble, loving and caring soul. Thank you for your perseverance. Thank you for not giving up. We are waiting for the release of your book and app.

I love mine! I had surgery recently and I have used my crystal pad. I feel much better today. Though it's wise to take it easy... I'm not in the position to do a high-jump or anything strenuous; but I feel great! I also like the added support the Velcro wrap gives.

Mujin, this week I had a minor car accident. Rear of my car was bumped just slightly. No damage to car and I felt fine, however, I was in shock so I felt to use the crystal healing pad you sent to me. After 30 minutes I felt much better and I just wanted to let you know how quickly it worked. Thank you so much.

Ty for sending the crystal healing pad. I’ll be using it a lot and I feel much better. Ty so much for your gift.
-Love Hope Faith

I got the crystal healing pad from Mujin today. Mujin, sent a video, to show me how to use it. I wanted to let you to know that I feel so much better.

I just have to tell you how great this blue pad has been for me! I received it yesterday and used it for a half hour while I walked around. Thank you so much Mujin for this technology! I am forever grateful!

I was packing to move most of the day. When I was done, I had just gotten the pad and immediately put it on before I went to bed. I felt great today -Thanks, Mujin.

I received 2 crystal healing pads today. My 17 year old cat, who is also an energy healer, immediately jumped onto my lap to lay on the pad. He never sits this way, always further down on my lap. So grateful to you Mujin.

Good evening Mujin. I received my crystal healing pad. I love it. Thank you so much for all you're doing. Truly you are a blessing to me and countless others.

Hi Mujin - Today I had a sore, stiff neck and I couldn't stretch it out. I put the energy healing crystal pad on the neck and 20 min later I feel fine!

Just updating that the crystal healing pad is awesome I used it a few hours before bedtime and I feel fine. Thank you so much Mujin you're such an awesome person!! I will forever be grateful!! Much love and Blessings my friend!!

Hi Mujin. Wow. Shipping was fast. My quartz energy pad arrived today. When I opened the box and held the pad still in the vacuum pack, I held it like for a few minutes before opening it. I then sent you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude (I am so grateful to you), I then held it in my hands for about 5 mins to charge up, my hands began to quickly get hot. I wrapped it around my lower leg and laid on the bed for 30 mins (will do more later today but had to go out). Within about 2-3 mins my hands and arms started pulsating, felt like my aura was expanding and contracting, very noticeable. The leg area started to heat up, I drifted off to sleep. Half an hour later woke up and removed the pack. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I will be buying more for family members soon. Blessings to you.

Thank you so much for sending the crystal healing pad, Mujin. Did you supercharge it??? Tried the pad with a client yesterday and she felt better. Thanks again for all you do for so many people!

After suffering with much knee inflammation, in pain, I asked Mujin for energy healing. He suggested I get the crystal healing pad. I received it and have only taken it off to shower. I feel much better, thank you. 10 people I have shown it to all want one! I wish I would have had this years ago....thank you Mujin.

My Dear Mujin, I picked up my mail today and discovered the package you sent with the Crystal healing pad. Grateful. Jake wore it while he worked his shift as a cook. He just got home, and told me that he felt so much better. I would also like to get another, so we each have one during the working hours, as my back often does not allow me much walking distance, and I am sure if this helped Jake so much, it will help me as well with my back issues. I am snagging it for the night to wear on my eyes for the cataracts. I feel very blessed to have you in my life, and am so grateful of what you do and bring to all the lives you touch. Thank you, Mujin.

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