An opportunity to experience the power of healing crystals in every moment with our Miracle Healing Pad – where energy meets relief, and discomfort finds its peace.

The soft and elastic strap offers easy adjustability, suitable for use on areas such as the neck, stomach, ankle, and elbow.

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This strap can be worn under or over your clothes, and is versatile for use on areas such as the knee, foot, thigh, wrist, and more.

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Here are some more ways to wear the healing pad as demonstrated by Master Mujin.

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Infused with energy healing crystals, individually activated by the skilled hands of Master Mujin, our dedicated energy healing practitioner. 

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How to Recharge

Our healing pad is made to last forever.
You can recharge it before use, as demonstrated in the video above.

  • Truly you are a blessing to me and countless others.

    Good evening Mujin. I received my crystal healing pad. I love it. Thank you so much for all you're doing.

    Truly you are a blessing to me and countless others.


  • I am forever grateful!

    I just have to tell you how great this blue pad has been for me! I received it yesterday and used it for a half hour while I walked around. Thank you so much Mujin for this technology! I am forever grateful!

  • I feel much better today.

    I love mine! I had surgery recently and I have used my crystal pad. I feel much better today. Though it's wise to take it easy... I'm not in the position to do a high-jump or anything strenuous; but I feel great! I also like the added support the Velcro wrap gives.

    -Elizabeth Louise